What I'm Doing Now

I'm home in Vancouver, B.C.

My current project is to reach out to brands that fit my lifestyle with my photography and video skillset.
A major metric for a good fit for these brands is my social media presence - I've been focusing primarily on Instagram.  



Presence in the community

Shares and tags from community, companies, and brand partnership (Boulder Denim & Climb Base5)

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Why me?


I want to improve your roster. Brand ambassadors tend to be professional athletes and full-time adventurers. They are elite in their fields, which some customers may aspire to be like. To customers that do not have aspirations of being professionals, these ambassadors can be slightly intimidating and difficult to relate with. I am more relatable with the recreational climbers, casual adventure seekers, and the weekend warriors that have a 9 to 5 job.

With me, we'll be able to connect with this large audience. 

What do I have in mind?

Mutually beneficial brand partnership


Fitting the Lifestyle

Access to professional quality content that we will tailor to fit your target audience's lifestyle and interests


Behind the Scenes

I'll showcase the equipment and products that come along and explain why I choose them


What's Next?

I'm creating opportunities to promote brands and to reach a larger audience

Current plans:
- Working with MEC as their influencer

- Travel: Australia/NZ?